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Ad Event

Sign up to the game and get your link.

Click on this link to visit our site and the computers of people who are saved by ip and cookies.

When these people enter the game, the system is configured to know that you click on your link.

In this way, thanks to you every person entering our game, you will earn 2.5 TL worth of KC.

It will be sent to the KC account you earned on Sunday of each week.

There is no lower limit or upper limit If you win even 1 TL KC will be uploaded to your account


All traffic is checked before KC deposits.

The CPU and Ethernet serial numbers of the computers that entered the game are registered, so;

Clicking on your own link is not allowed

If your ad and the PC and rope recordings that come with you are understood to be yours, all your winnings will be reset and you will be banned from the ad event.

Your ad may be familiar to people who come to the game, but if you use your pc or internet line, your winnings will be invalid


For 1 person in the game after clicking on your link

2.5 TL. worth KC

When the player wins 10K NP

25 TL. worth KC

1 TL = 25KC

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