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Downgrade 2006 Knight Online Server!

EXP = 100% USKO year 2006
DROP = 100% USKO year 2006
UPGRADE = 100% USKO year 2006
PUS = 100% USKO year 2006
SKILL DAMAGE = 100% USKO year 2006
ITEM = 100% USKO year 2006
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Total Online User :535
El Morad Online :301
Warrior :99
Rogue :100
Mage :51
Priest :51
Karus Online :234
Warrior :69
Rogue :80
Mage :40
Priest :45
Online Record
09.05.2020 21:40
1333 User Online.
New Players
Players Guide New - and 30% C4% B1 level alt i% C3% C3% A7 is B6neril%.

BA% C5% before 9FL 96n% C3% by

B% C3% B6l% C3% BCM 1

Setup and Shift % C5% 9ftur is on

KO1 of the 27% adventure C4%% B1z Ba% C5 to 9FL% i% C3% A7 % C3% B6N by a account a% C3% A7mal% C4% B1 and KO1 Client www.knightonline1.

% C3% 96ncelikl A% 2C aray% C4% B1% C5% 9F% C4% B1n% C4% B1z Ba% C5 to 9FL% i% C3% A7 a d% C3% bcny SA% C3% you A7

STR - Strength - g% C3 character's bcc%%%% C3% BC C3 determines bcn
DEX - Skill - character's k% C3% A7% C4% B1% C5% 9F% C4% B1n determines% C4% B1
HP - Hit Points - Compatibility was your character 9f% C4% of C5 or 9fa%%%% I amount C4 B1n determines% C4% B1
INT - B0stihbarat% C4% - Mana character's 28magic% 29% determines pool size
MP - Mana Score - monsters snow% C5% 9F% C4% B1 B BCY% C3%% C3% BC g% C3 bcc% C3% bcn% C3% BCz% C3%% BC Sets

Bonus STAT scores% C4% after you add B1 % 2C Shift Name C4%% B1n% C4% B1z% C4 can enter% B1 and Knight Online travel to ba% C5 to 9FL % i%

B 2% C3% 96L% C3% 9CM

MA% C4% 9fazay% C4% B1 D% C3% BC% C3% A7lendir the and Premium

Knight Online free2play game is% 2C but character come% C5% 9ftir be i% C3% A7 games i% C3% A7 A Virtual e% C5% 9fy are C4%% B1n side C4%% Icon t% C4% B1klay% C4% B1n. Screen% C4% B1n a side C4%% B1. Power Up Store 27% offered% C4% of our 9fu t% C3% bcm services

Game ba% C5% 9flad% C4% after the B1k

B% C3% 96L% C3% 9CM 1

BA % C5% of new 9fla Yard% C4% B1mc% C4% B1% C4% B1S

New your character created% 4% after the B1k % 2C % C5% 9F% C3% B6valy to be journey of your 9fu% C4% ba% C5% 9flad% C4% B1% C4% 9F% C4% B1 neutral%

New your A7evre% C3% k% C5% 9ffederk the% 2C % C3% A7ok % C3% A7% of C5% 9fitl of but % C3% with C3% A7% A7ok count C4%% B1 and % C3% A7ok useful%

E% C4% 9fiti to ba% C5% 9FL before % C3% B6N by% 2C character to % C3% B6N by necessary equipment with donatmal% C4% B1S% C4% B1n% C4% B1z. Your Character z% C4% B1rh

B 2% C3% 96L% C3% 9CM

Leveling and party


Each level i% C3% A7 more more tec% C3% BCB A rated 4%% B1 is required. Shift knowledge windows a% C3 A7arak% 28% 22% 22 % k%


More g% C3% BC% C3% A7L% C3% BC and than b% C3 bcy% C3% bck% monster groups% C4% B1yl A war% C5 to 9f% % C3% A7ok is difficult symbol% ​​C3% BC% 2C party leader name% C4% B1n% C4% B1n as% C4% B1n appear and only% C4% B1z by party % C3 bcye% to invitations can is . One

B 3% C3% 96L% C3% 9CM

Come on Shift % C5% 9ftir


What t% C3% bcr Basic Ability to have was% 4 Your 9fu% g% C3 to B6r% i% C3% A7% 2C screen% C4% B1n sub 4% in% B1n Skills tab

10 level from later% 2C Moradon 27% at Captain Kuger threads% C5 9farak% % C5% 9% C3% B6valy A % C3% B6zel role% C3% bcn i% C3% A7

Point State

State Point% 2C which z% C4% B1rh% C4% B1% 2C gun % C4% B1 and t% C3% A7hizat% C4% B1 Uses the by 4% your 9fi% to determine i% C3%

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