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Downgrade 2006 Knight Online Server!

EXP = 100% USKO year 2006
DROP = 100% USKO year 2006
UPGRADE = 100% USKO year 2006
PUS = 100% USKO year 2006
SKILL DAMAGE = 100% USKO year 2006
ITEM = 100% USKO year 2006
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Total Online User :542
El Morad Online :303
Warrior :102
Rogue :98
Mage :52
Priest :51
Karus Online :239
Warrior :71
Rogue :82
Mage :40
Priest :46
Online Record
09.05.2020 21:40
1333 User Online.
Game Installation

***Full Client download from our web server***

***Alternate Full Client Link (***

***Alternative Full Client Link (Mediafire)***

***Manual Patches***

Attention please!
The files do not contain viruses.
In a safe game, some files have been encrypted to protect them from hijackers.
Because it can not decrypt the contents, some antivirus programs may warn you that there may be viruses in the files.
In such cases, disable the antivirus program while downloading and installing.

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