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Archer skills not working
3lm4 - 2019-06-11 19:02:24
I downloaded from our site Counterstrike Clients, 62 and 66 skills I think some creatures can attack while PK does not work. When I talked to friends who said that these skills were working, I found out that they were in the form of Setup, not the RAR file. Can archiver skills file be added to the site or can Client be added as Setup? I have this problem for 3 months, but when I looked at the form could not find, no one has not forwarded. I've downloaded client files from other servers, but I didn't know which archer skill files and if I changed these files I wasn't sure whether other skills would be corrupted. Societeprens also have a client in the form of setup and archer skills are working. Even if only those files should be shared, I can take the files, test them, transfer them to the cloud and share them here. Good luck with.

3lm4 - 2019-06-16 01:33:28
Re-download the game from the link below you can reach the archer skills. (Sosyeteprensin has been uploaded from the computer. We thank him.) Https://

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