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Trade bugu
ChekyChekyBamBam - 2019-06-07 00:19:20
Dear Admin and other admin friends in the game there are a lot of bugs one of them trade mist players are unable to trade direg bugda we have to relog we have to throw missions bugs in the box drops drop bugs enion Unique items such as bow dark vane falls very easily other unique items hangug sword hellbreaker smite hammer defender of lord vs this is not avoided everywhere enion bow +7 +8 dark vane +7 +8 s will be filled with normal drop rate whatever it is necessary to correct the way something else antideff items mageler starts the game 1 2 days later why does not anti deff asasdan warriordan only eats mageler made out of the item has been done in the mere bares in the other game does not consist of tasks in the other war plate tasks full plate tasks low lv de moblardan collecting items that do not have to be exponentially that they need to get the continuity of my voices hopefully you will get ko good forums

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-06-07 01:38:39
Thanks for the feedback you mentioned in all of these things to do list, the task system has been redesigned will probably start working tomorrow but took a lot of time. Things have been delayed but we have solved our most time consuming problem, and in the following days you will see other minor problems to be solved 5 er 10 ar.

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