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Put bug
HolyCaram0n - 2019-04-17 18:27:43
this gun pusdan 2 buf 1 ac scrol 3 de exp scrol I'm not aware of the paper I'm not sure but the paper did not come from the game I thought it was due to the game, but I've noticed the new kc s.

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-18 01:39:01

HolyCaram0n - 2019-04-18 07:08:59
I don't use any social accounts, can you help me?

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-18 19:03:33

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-18 19:08:01
no such thing has not come before us if the subject is researched and if necessary, kcler returned but if a situation that requires instant communication, I will try to activate the ticket system in the near future.

HolyCaram0n - 2019-04-19 09:32:33
I look at the kc i look at the kc burn my sc i look at the entrance when I did not come back kc beans 3 pack sc pede not koscak

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-19 18:45:32
To get the items taken from the pustan to the inventor, the hijacker needs to be closed, it turned out to be dc without turning it off, the kcs were returned, and as soon as you receive pustan items, close the hijackers.

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