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Race change
HsSsKtRr - 2019-04-10 03:33:40
I have changed the race this day, all my tasks, but the task is not entered in this question, but I do not take the task I guess I did not finish my ancient task, I could have been the result of this in my mind, then came to my mind would come half way

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-10 05:02:40
I canceled the task

HsSsKtRr - 2019-04-10 13:14:56
saol quests have improved, but now I have a problem yesterday when I was out of the market to put chara 2. I had more than one account to put my bank I have a few items to put on the market I do not have no money in 2 accounts

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-10 20:34:13
Let's try to help

3lm4 - 2019-04-11 19:02:54
I've had a problem for almost a week.

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-11 19:16:52
Tasks will be solved in a few days wholesale

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