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Your Advertising Event Earnings Started Distributing
KingSD (Admin) - 2019-03-29 05:42:18
We would like to thank our players who helped us in our advertising event and the advertising event will always remain active. The more you earn, the more you win. Advertising event info ---> WE ACKNOWLEDGE WINNERS

ImFreDy - 2019-03-29 11:34:44
You were saying that the lower boundary is going to be sent in just a few seconds.

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-03-29 19:07:04
ImFreDy players to advertise a little more to put on and do not bother with 1 tl to the lower limit, kc already the smallest 4 tl had to be compelled to put him under the sub-limit, or I'll send your earnings for example if you want 4 rubles

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