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Free minority race transfer Pusta enabled
KingSD (Admin) - 2019-03-28 20:18:15
At that moment, the population of the CZ is free to the minority race.

Killios - 2019-03-28 23:31:35
I hope I misunderstood the admin. If it's true, you're officially delivering the game to humans and even to the garage...
If the transfer is based on the population of Cz and can be changed momentarily, the human being may be able to use it very comfortably to cut the same number of eslant bosses that have already had a few, please review this system again.....

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-03-29 03:20:47
Killios, I have my labor at every point of this greenhouse. Besides, there's no need for that, so I don't have to try to develop systems like this to turn someone into a game, fill the inventory with the inventory, not look for the calf under the ox. You don't know the truth about me. This is a little bit of czde to get the balance of the system Czde even though I did not want to get the competition but now I have a minority race by evaluating this warning, even though I will put the daily limit, if you can do a lot of action per day, minority races Way.

Killios - 2019-03-29 06:46:16
I'm playing for the first time on the server you're on. I see this system for the first time. It was my first octag, and you wouldn't think of anything different if you put yourself in my shoes. You gave the server to the humans, and I mean, maybe he missed the point.

Schweppess - 2019-04-01 10:07:30
Clani, you're in two. 4e4 cuts on both sides of the bosunuda there is nothing to understand. Race change is a sacmalik in itself

KingSD (Admin) - 2019-04-01 16:33:56
Isn't the race change a little shallow in the head? Fortunately the race changes were brought to the limit of 1 week

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