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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    BegINNER Item SET The amount of coins requested in his mission has been reduced to 500000 coins.
    Participants in Bowl 10X even, if their race is minority, will receive KC according to the population ratio of the opponent race.
    Lost Korig Event Ünüjin Urga has been added 8 np to its mobs.
    Bitfrost Pk was turned into a feasible area, the towers were fixed, the entrance permit was connected to the average of the pk point, and ultima was set to exit every 3 sessions.the evening session was set between 16-18.
    PK Point Event has been adapted for the new Pk Point and the reward score has been reset to 1000.
    The level limit has been removed from the [Abyss Teleporter] Kultigin NPC in Abys entrance delos town. Everyone will be able to enter abyse.
    Isiloon floor was taken to a separate zone.Only csw owner clan members with an hourly PK Pound of 1000 or more will be able to enter.The entrance will be from the [Isiloon Hunter] BARLIBARS NPC on the Isiloon floor.Isiloon will not spawn when the server is restarted, it will be born every day at 00:45, 14:00 and 17:30.