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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018

    In the past, the killing race got points as much as the opponent's population

    Now the killing race will score the opponent's population times the coefficient.

    The coefficient will be determined according to the nps of the deceased.

    5.Those less than 000 np will not count.
    5.Coefficient of 1 in 000 and above
    50.Coefficient of 2 000 and above
    one hundred.4 coefficients of 000 and above

  • HeadShot

    Membership date 19.09.2019
    Mr.Suleyman Dogan

    As you know, the crowded race in JR is waiting under the balcony of the opposite race in order to win pkc, it rains nova & db on the balcony.
    So far, everything is normal, but unfortunately, there are not a few people here to be meant by the crowd, unfortunately, there is a serious population difference due to both the current population difference and the entry of the chars from the opposite race.
    KILL when doing 50 v 8How do you expect us to be able to choose a man when you buy, np li np?

    This is the case at today's JR and almost every evening at the JR event.
    4 KILL Although we took it and cut it thinking that it is np li, we could not get points due to np you Karuslar entering with empty tsars.5.In our experiment, I died and the opposite race reached the points to win in one go.

    The JR instances won by the non-crowded race are as few as they can cross the fingers of one hand.

    My suggestion is to get JR an equal number of users and 1 character per IP address, so we do nothing but entertain the crowd.So Gem cannibal orj in friends.There will be dozens of users who will log in with their chars and maybe because they cannot enter the event continuously.