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  • SlaughteR
    Üyelik tarihi 08.04.2020
    Our very simple terms of activity , every day, the clock from 11:59 to 23:59 will be awarded to the players listed before the rank list is reset to this list in a PK zone and you need to be active in the game. Players who entered to the list if it meets these conditions ; 1. 30m 2. 28m 3. 26m 4. 24m 5. 22m 6. 20m 7. 18m 8. 16m 9. 14m 10. 12m you will be given coins . Premium 20% + provides a gain 00.00 12.00 and rewards you can get from your Awards menu is also loaded into the Events section , you will be notified your account you also notice from top and bottom
    I am.com/WBv7YF https://i.hizliresim.com/WBv7YF.png

    I am.com/12F0ek https://i.hizliresim.com/12F0ek.png

    Our players PK videos ;