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Downgrade 2006 Knight Online Server!

EXP = 100% USKO year 2006
DROP = 100% USKO year 2006
UPGRADE = 100% USKO year 2006
PUS = 100% USKO year 2006
SKILL DAMAGE = 100% USKO year 2006
ITEM = 100% USKO year 2006
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El Morad Online :265
Warrior :80
Rogue :75
Mage :57
Priest :53
Karus Online :258
Warrior :70
Rogue :86
Mage :49
Priest :53
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09.05.2020 21:40
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10X Event
SlaughteR - 2020-07-06 15:34:48
Hi , 10x (10kc win) KO1 is an activity that belongs to our event , which is level 30, each player cz you can go eat, and you can participate in these events .

Event hours are 21.00 and 00.00 . In order to participate in the event, the lower level limit 30 stop . Interviews from the event (10 kc) in order to win the event-time 1 hour to change the living conditions there are NP Bifrost event is held at the top Ronark Land , 21.00 and 00.00 hours KC and I showed the top 10 dead or alive you should be at the Bifrost in order to win The most important of these to other states even though the rate of acquisition of property is less more see more interest and participation

Our participation in the Lord when you provide twice a day 10x 10 + 10 = 20 also this month you can earn KC and 600 kc makes 10x (10kc win ) KC s participation and with the Lord you've earned ; In the menu auto RPR - auto loot - on the side of the SMART program integrated into a macro game to save up and you can take advantage of kc this way . Auto RPR : 2 hours fee, it is recommended to use yi kc auto RPR

Auto Loot : our loot system is active and advanced auto KC 5 hourly

Smart macro : smart macro forum guide to the user's manual also available there you can examine , kc is 15 hours

As a result, you've built up the skin with a 10x KC s will be developed which is more advanced and integrated into the game, and auto loot - auto RPR - smart macro, it is recommended to benefit from A very enjoyable event for our players, especially Mage 10X Venter ;

Good luck to everyone

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