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Downgrade 2006 Knight Online Server!

EXP = 100% USKO year 2006
DROP = 100% USKO year 2006
UPGRADE = 100% USKO year 2006
PUS = 100% USKO year 2006
SKILL DAMAGE = 100% USKO year 2006
ITEM = 100% USKO year 2006
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Total Online User :535
El Morad Online :303
Warrior :100
Rogue :99
Mage :51
Priest :53
Karus Online :232
Warrior :70
Rogue :79
Mage :40
Priest :43
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09.05.2020 21:40
1333 User Online.

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Juraid Mountain
SlaughteR - 2020-07-06 13:20:39
Hi , firstly we would like to point out that this event was held down according to ko1 . Events menu event registration

The hours of the event in the first place 17:30 to 22:30 has been identified as The lower limit of the level 70 All registrations will be drawn to the area because they are a single event , the race will be a struggle

In the Activity Score will be determined according to the population of the races , and the winner of the race according to the level of the gem you will get the black gem will be the loser of the race. For example, cartridges 100 200 Eldorado , Elmore clay from 1 point , 2 points for multiples of order Karus two of the rivals will receive. Task Awards will be taken from the events menu. Deva also with groups of silver and gold bars , silver will drop gem , deva will respawn every 30 seconds. Activity will last for 30 minutes and during this time , cut pieces from the mobs in each room and at least 10 point for the event PK 1er kasanl they are eligible to receive the award. Tp works Towndan is untraceable and if they will be reborn those who died in the room will need to be cut into the mob to hang back Good luck to everyone

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