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Recent Posts

PAZAR 2020-01-19 18:26:31 Title : Iron belt - iron neck-sold
Iron set is sold at an affordable price. 05385762953 >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

BySerkaN 2020-01-19 18:25:23 Title : If input result npcde
friends this PvP usko accept this fact yourself you really are getting too full. >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Tanker_JR_55 2020-01-19 18:18:47 Title : IT'S A LONG STORY A SHORT POST KO1
What was once a weakness .... Santino told me we threw everything that we had all scattered for all crimes and all that we saw before I had the chance to make up for everything completely blocked me from everything you told the officers who gave me a very good article, I congratulate brother Ahmet, this topic everywhere team ... This article specially V1ktor Amor la muerte XNOLEM Nova throws Quartz I'm Sending You ... Thanks >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

W88W 2020-01-19 18:13:11 Title : If input result npcde
Hello friends, CSW also had first 2006. CSW: fortress of war that would govern who would stipulate Delos. Clan do not want leads you want, but this game activity, and this is what it looks like in the original game. 20 that makes it appealing. isiloon boss on the floor. In the real game it is making quite an effort in the Battle Of Clans the castle for isiloon and took over the castle and they're separating themselves live and die every week as a result of this battle. If there is an NPC that shouldn't be in our server with isiloon in time of war scenes as they choose friends because they can be not only importance was in the Bifrost. Yeah I needed this too, this one was open and I threw the ticket. My other friends threw. We allocate 2 hours every week and my other friends SC and to win this war. And we want the original form of the game was that it was in. The Battle of Castle that gain, according to the head of the clan and the other, come like that from the PC, we have made this request because doslu entitled to cut it. We are not aware of anyone We cry, we win, as long as I don't think any of us would keep the doors shut constantly, but have the right to retain the amount. LIKE IN THE ORIGINAL GAME Finally, this shouldnt server farm friends, don't get no PK pk now, PK with the castle as the portcullis of the accident to use it. I still 59a so that admin npc char for the village. Is able to walk in the desert with other char, but when turned off with the door you can't enter. To protest this situation, it sounds like Mastodon farm 40 Let want to get one comfortable slot. In the event farm out some shit I think >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

New Account 2020-01-19 18:06:48 Title : Ex launcher Support ends this weekend
I wanted to try the game new you can't open the game but a few people I saw that instead of being la Team Viewer support about the problem that is encountered in a format that everyone can see your answer under the topic, wouldn't it make more sense to mess guys. Current system I'm using the win 10 pro 64 bit >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

BySerkaN 2020-01-19 17:34:59 Title : If input result npcde
then Allah give you the strength of the castle in Mersin I don't understand what you're passing on a highly problematic macro separate macro for auto attack for cleantec water separate box with a separate macro for struggling players like what RPR offers players a farm a couple of alternative that you are making this decision for you and if you want to make you store precious gem we are entering the abyss Delos, KC, etc. so even if you give a reward increase, people are not attracted to us, or bring a lion necessity except for the hours, the doors remain open if you want to >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

YIGIDO 2020-01-19 17:30:11 Title : ⚔️ [+6] Quest | Staff [+6] Elysium | FULL + FULL MAGE is for sale! ➽ [YIGIDO] ⚔️
Add : 1500KC PUSda is available. >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

TurHaLLii 2020-01-19 17:24:46 Title : BUY +8 GB OR CASH CLOVER..
+++ >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Bu1taR 2020-01-19 17:24:39 Title : Okcular for Mage and..
A high damage Mage opened a topic opened in the 3rd week What am bultar 1846252 server.Archer's hand slowly subject. congratulations +100dmg bonus you have earned. >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Yigit 2020-01-19 17:23:48 Title : FOR SALE CHAR - ARCHER (QUEST STANDS 70)
Yes I'm selling my wife's friends are interested you can write here have a nice day all inclusive. >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Bu1taR 2020-01-19 17:19:58 Title : If input result npcde
it's the entry level from the PC limit. you can enter on foot from the castle. The castle will be open as long as we have friends isilioon hours the external doors. we give this guarantee in the name of our age. >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

ShadowSong 2020-01-19 17:05:38 Title : This Char is for sale.
what is the price ? >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

NeseDertAsk 2020-01-19 17:02:06 Title : If input result npcde
Also will Farm characters, how isilion soldier fallen angel lvl 59 Or something like that, or heard that there is the need to make year 2006 figure >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Bu1taR 2020-01-19 16:59:57 Title : BDW DON'T
bdw when the night began to pull the descriptions of the horse does not wait for about 30 to 40 sec sometimes if you relog inside is born. the alternative solution I discovered >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

BySerkaN 2020-01-19 16:55:24 Title : If input result npcde
yes, Solomon Brothers for opening a door for people to escape into the hands of Health >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Massacre 2020-01-19 16:49:44 Title : +6 Elite Questli Itemli Warrior (AnoraX) Is For Sale.
+++ >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

Massacre 2020-01-19 16:42:18 Title : <<gold bar>>+6 Warrior Questli>>2x iron set>>
++++ >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

iFettyWAP 2020-01-19 16:41:44 Title : Sell > fatty Wap
-glass belt have been sold. -current >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

SeyyarDeli 2020-01-19 16:05:40 Title : Deluxe - Slot attracts TW

>>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

YIGIDO 2020-01-19 15:44:18 Title : ⚔️ [+6] Quest | Staff [+6] Elysium | FULL + FULL MAGE is for sale! ➽ [YIGIDO] ⚔️
⚔️ ITEMS ⚔️ ➽ Dual E M. ➽ EP ➽ ROM Dual ➽ Bronze Belt ➽ 3 Piece +6 FP, jewellery chest, +7 FP , law enforcement +6 Crimson (144 INT, a contemporary Slap LR Mage) ➽ In the Bank +7 Linen set (100 Int Paper to play) ➽ +6 Quest Staff | +6 Elysium (server only) ➽ 20GB Money in the bank. There are all papers, everything is perfect. Like al the nation with Elysium, smack, or plug +6 Turn paper novala Quest Staff. Note : there is parts sales. Wholesale will be given. Like some people here write that it is my intention what I have on the item/does not show. In some situations the server that has created this guy getting seriously sell and Chari stomach because I want to quit. My intention is to sell you, so if you do not Oluculuk get and wanting to play is a good opportunity for. ☎ Whatsapp : 0534 961 13 39 (Only Whatsapp) >>>>>>>>>Go to Topic

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