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Event Schedule

The Forgotten Temple event takes place everyday at 6am, 12pm, and 7pm on all servers.

You need to go talk to the NPC in Moradon in order to go to the Forgotten Temple. The requirement for entering the temple is as follows:
Forgotten Temple 1

Level : 60 and above

Opening Time : 12PM, 7PM, and 6AM everyday (Note: There is approximately a 2-minute window to enter this event. Please be prompt)

Teleporting Location : Through the NPC in Moradon, name: Laemith, cost: 500K. The coordinates are 446, 475
Laemith (Forgotten Temple 1: 446, 475)

Forgotten Temple 2

Level : 46~59

Opening Time : 11AM, 6PM, 5AM everyday (Note: There is approximately a 2-minute window to enter this event. Please be prompt)

Teleporting Location : Through the NPC in Moradon, name: Laedith, cost: FREE. The coordinates are 450, 449
Laedith (Forgotten Temple 2: 450, 449)
Rules Forgotten Temple:

1. Only the first 32 people can enter the Forgotten Temple.
2. You can teleport to Forgotten Temple through the NPC in Moradon.
3. You cannot earn any coins/items in Forgotten Temple. The only thing you can earn is experience points.
4. When you're in the Forgotten Temple, you can teleport back to Moradon by typing the command 'town' or by disconnecting from the game, regardless of your current HP.
5. When you kill all the monsters in Forgotten Temple, you'll receive a Treasure Chest. You can get items through this chest. Each shrine will give out different chest.
6. There's a 30 minute time restriction in Forgotten Temple. If you do not eliminate all the monsters within 30 minutes, the gate to the temple will be closed.
7. You can form party inside the Forgotten Temple, regardless of your nationality.
Rewards for Forgotten Temple

To those that get through the Forgotten Temple, a treasure chest will be given as a reward. You can take this chest to Miraselth (NPC) to open it.

Dark Vane

• Made by the Dark Elf, it kills the opponent instantaneously.
• Attack 62, Glacier Damage 30, Dex 5, MaxHP-100, MaxMP100.

Smite Hammer

• Crafted by the monk from the Logos Temple.
• Attack 92, Flame 20, STR5 MAXHP, MP+50

Hanguk Sword

• Crafted by the artisans of Chosun. Has mysterious powers.
• Attack 67, Poison 30, STR 5.

Defender of the Lord

• Shield of Zignon. Said to have embedded magical powers.
• Defense 185, MaxHP, MP+10, Knife, Bow Defense 5, Reflect Physical Attack 5.

Hell Breaker

• Built only in Halskarem, the city of steel.
• Attack 131, Flame 50, INT 5

Enion Bow

• Said to be made from the hair of Elf Enion.
• Attack 91, Lightning 30, STR 5.

Wreath of Erenion

• Contains strong flame power.
• Attack 65, Flame 30, STR 5, MP 1, MAX MP+20, Resistance to Lightning 20.

Glacier Erenion

• Contains strong glacier power.
• Attack 65, Glacier 30, HP 5, MP 1, MAX MP+20, Resistance to Flame 20.

Lightning Erenion

• Contains strong lightning power.
• Attack 65, Lightning 30, INT 5, MP 1, MAX MP+20, Resistance to Glacier 20.

Rons Staff

• Magician of Brisbia. Said to have been missing since his battle against manticore.
• Attack 60, Flame 20, Glacier 20, Lightning 20, MP 1, MAX MP+20, Flame resistance +5, glacier resistance +5, lightning resistance +5.

You can also earn gold, silver, and 6th armor, and various other items

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