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Come and enjoy medieval battles with the world's most exciting, unique PvP features, multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Knight Online, where over 10 million people have come to play from around the world, represent one of the largest MMO communities around.

Once you have signed up and signed up, each player has to choose between being a Man or an Orc and they can choose to develop their characters as a barbarian, warrior, priest, bandit or magician in every nation.

Knight Online has two different ways:

1. Free2Play ™: All players have completely FREE access to all available features of the game and future updates and expansion packages with no time limit.

2. Pay2Play ™: We offer a variety of challenging fans who want to financially support Knight Online and who are interested in advanced gaming experience (for example, higher hit rates, more player capability, access to special weapons, and many other benefits).

Knight Online, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, is the critically acclaimed medieval fantasy adventure game with perpetual war servers running with the support of local languages ​​in North America and Turkey.

Our only aim as KO1 is to return this magnificent game to its golden age in 2006.

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